First public open source project and docker.

Last week has been busy with the post prod of my docker infra. Everything is running fine now but I spent some time fixing bugs introduced with this kind of infra. The other part of the week was used trying to run forestAdmin within one custom docker.

Changes introduce by docker

Last week, I claimed the success of the migration process to a docker infra. All my services were working within separated dockers and I was happy. From now, if I want to customize/improve one service I can update it, rebuild then restart it easily and it’s fine. If it works on my local environment, it will work on my prod. If I want to test my service with php 7.3 or php 5.2, I update my container, restart it (on my local) and I can check whether all is fine. If yes, I can deploy it in seconds on the prod … If you are not dev you cannot imagine how it is good to work this (secure) way.

By the way, working with docker implies some change in my processes. Backing up data does not work the same. Communication within dockers implies some other change. I’m kind of junior in the docker game. I really start to work with 6 months ago and migrating all my infra was only my fifth project (and the biggest one). Previous were :

  • migrating my local/home dev environment,
  • migrating my office env,
  • preparing to deploy docker on office production,
  • deploying elastic stack solution (elastic search, kibana, beats, logstash).

From now I feel pretty comfortable with it, but I’ve lots of thing to work with (docker swarm/kubernetes by example).

ForestAdmin and contribution to opensource

ForestAdmin is a SaaS service that allow you to deploy a backoffice easily without doing any dev. You only have to follow some installation steps and that’s it, you have a brand new backoffice that allow you to create graph, display key indicators etc.

I was missing this kind of information on Podmytube and I didn’t want to develop it myself. One year ago, I had listen one podcast interview of Sandro Munda and I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, I was not comfortable with nodejs/npm, forestAdmin api, has been developed with. So I preferred to leave this solution aside. I was telling myself, « I will do it by myself ». Time has gone by and I still had no back office solution. If I wanted to know some KPI’s from podmytube I had to launch some database queries but it is not really efficient.

With the arrival of docker in my coding life, I started a new challenge : Create one customisable docker that run one instance of ForestAdmin easily and make it public on github. I have already 12 repos on github but they are all private. I wanted this one to be public to :

  • provide one clean install ForestAdmin solution.
  • to collect feedback from other potential users and improve my solution.
  • to see how that goes to be an open source maintainer.

Project is not quite enough stable to provide github url right now but I will give it next week. In fact I managed to make it work this afternoon with the help of one forestAdmin developper :).

That’s all folks, see you next monday.

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