Sleep deprivation and network problems

sleep deprivation is simply too bad to be ignored.

Because of some internet connection problems this week coding was quite poor. I’m still coding on my day job where I’m training some new tech but nothing on the podmytube side.

Sleep deprivation

I will start with this ted conference I had listen to. The title is sleep is your superpower by Matt Walker. he began his conf by telling some physiological problems that are occurring when your body is missing sleep. The testicles of men who sleep the least are smaller, to begin with. In fact both male and female genital apparels for people who sleep poorly have problems. To make a huge shortcut on this conf, if you sleep less than 8 hours a day your body will get into small troubles. Less than 6 hours, biggest problems.

Sleep deprivation is wrongly considered as normal. I was quite proud to say (like a friend of mine) « I’ll sleep when I’m dead ». And it’s a stupid mistake. I’m used to shutdown the light after midnight and waking up at 6 am. This conf open my eyes widely and I felt heavily concerned by sleep deprivation. So I decided to give a chance to sleep. I installed Android sleep with a simple « first step », sleeping 7 hours by night.

It is stupid to say that but I was feeling better from the first morning and get better since. To be fairly honest I will try sleeping 7h30 a night on the next week to check results. I will tell you !

Connection problems

Last week was poor for my side project. The main problem was an internet problem with my freebox. Everything was fine til last Tuesday then impossible to get internet connection to listen to Spotify or watching Netflix (for my wife mainly). Sometimes everything was fine, and suddenly nothing. Netflix was getting low definition, Sonos was buffering … all the equipment in the house broke down one after the other. Even today I had to restart the box to get one temporary internet connection. Hope I will be able to finish this blog post.

Day Job and Ansible

I started today to use Ansible. The goal is to manage all Podmytube servers easily. I have only 3 servers for now but it is still taking some time to ssh connect on every server to run apt-get update. After some examples, and doc reading I wrote my first playbook today that is making update/upgrade on all 3 servers. I know there is others way to update your linux distrib but this one seems fairly fun for me so I will check possibilities :).

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