Time to structure these weekly blog post

I felt afraid turning in circles with these weekly blog post, then I realize that I already have kind of a structure to repeat every week. Thanks to Taylor Otwell who inspired me I will do it like this. The things I’ve done last week, some news about Podmytube and to finish on a good mood some entertaining things I’ve done/watch.

Come on let’s go

… as Dora would say

Last week snippets

QML and freebox

My internet access was still problematic during this week and, nowadays it is really painful. We use internet to watch TV, to watch Netflix, to play video games, to update some firmware, to search for solutions, to do simple queries on Google, internet is everywhere.

To get it worst, my freebox was not able to maintain local natwork ip address. All the connected devices were connecting/disconnecting randomly. I’ve searched for solutions call support and found nothing.

Technical support was kind but useless. For them the problem was too many connections on the box. Impossible to verify, killed all « downloading » services, unplug some NAS but nothing changed. My connection was really unstable.

During one evening I planned to create one simple freebox application to investigate on it. I made some quick research, hum, QML, (never heard about it). Oh the freebox sdk is on github, great … oops this repo seems abandoned nothing new since one year… (at least).

I understand why there is so few applications on the freebox store. SDK not updated, unknown language … the right combo to lose.


I’m writing bash scripts for almost ten years to automate some basic stuffs on my dedicated servers. When things were becoming harder, I was switching to php. But I’ve decided to improve my bash talents these days. To do so I’ve try to make some bash functions library that I could use again sooner or later.

Rather than switching to my « natural » language I sticked to bash and force myself to find solutions. Stack and google were hopefully there to help and I’ve been able to create small libraries to use ssh, mysql and git.

And it was quite fun, a little circumvoluted but funny.


I see myself as a back end developer. I love to manipulate data, to dig into data, create back end applications but I’m pretty bad as soon as I have to make it easy to use for other people. I’m not neither an ergonomist nor one designer and I feel uncomfortable/quite bad when I’m trying to render some nice pages with useful informations on it.

This explain why Podmytube dashboard is so « poor ». There is quite nothing to see or to do once you have register your channel, uploaded your podcast cover and obtained the podcast url. Backend is, for me, a better place to work. But, in order to really finish with the stripe integration, I wanted to update the dashboard user page. I finally forced myself to work on it.

Actually it shows your channels list and some links to update/add a channel. I’m currently working to show some useful informations about the medias downloaded (or not) and why they aren’t (mostly because of the plan subscribed is not enough to get all your episodes in your podcast)


My kids are old enough (older is 18 years old in less than 2 monthes) now and we decided to watch Game of thrones (all seasons in a row). I’m following only developers on twitter but even them were talking about this tv show. Motivated by my colleagues (they are absolute fans), I suggest to watch all the tv show and that’s we are currently doing.

In fact we are already at the fourth season finale, last episode to watch and I love to watch it again. I had love watching my family reactions during the red wedding (they were really surprised 🙂 ) and during the purple wedding (Jofrey’s death delight them all). For my part, long ago I read the George RR Martin’s books almost 20 years ago and wasn’t surprised :).

My top 3 characters (Tyrion, Jaime and Varys).

Here it is. I hope this structure will please you. If not, tell me in comments 🙂

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